About Us

Created in 2004 in Paris, Cotton Division quickly developed its catalog of licenses and became a key player in licensing in France and Europe. Cotton Division offers derivative products from films, video games, and TV series of the moment such as Marvel , DC Comics , Star Wars , Harry Potter and many others.

Responding to the highest levels of constraints and quality, this is the promise we offer to all our partners.
Cotton Division is a French company that has rapidly developed its licensing portfolio and has been central to local and European activities since 2004.

We guarantee maximum compliance with the guidelines of our clients, with all their particularities. We make every effort to ensure deliveries that meet your expectations by controlling and supervising each step in the creation of our products.

Partner of leaders such as GMS, GSS, as well as specialized players such as hypermarkets and chain stores, we have also developed strong partnerships with local and online retailers.

Cotton Division is recognized for its strengths: creativity , making quality products , monitoring trends and some fashion , development several seasonal collections suitable for international and local markets throughout the year.

We create originality for you!